Daycare is the answer for the busy dog owner who cares about the health and well being of

their dogs. Leaving dogs alone for extended hours each day can be stressful for your dog, often leading to destructive behavior. In fact, behavior problems stemming from inadequate socialization is one of the leading reasons dogs are given up for adoption and often destroyed. Doggie’s Wonderland is dedicated to improving the lives of dogs by providing a stimulating, healthy environment for pets every day.

Here at Doggie’s Wonderland, we offer a wide variety of activities for your dogs to engage in. Whether it is playing with other dogs, chewing on toys, playing with our staff or just lounging around in our many rest areas, the dogs will always have something to do, rather than wait at home for your return. Do what is right for you dog; let them play freely with their own kind. Let me tell you, they would thank you for it if they could. IMG_4194


9You’ve planned the perfect trip for your family. You’ve got the tickets and everything is packed and ready to go…everything except your dog! At Doggie’s Wonderland, we understand that no matter how much you love your dog, you can’t always take him with you wherever you go. Here, you can travel with a clear conscience because you know that your dog will be treated with tender love and care that it needs.

Bathing & Nail Trim

DSC_1545 - CopyA wide range of bathing services are available for your dog to enjoy before they go home. Services available to daycare,boarding and walk-in customers.