Our Chinook loves it.

– Plano

W.S. & Chinook

On April 9th 2012, I lost my beautiful sweet Sammie to cancer. I went to the Plano Animal Shelter every week after a couple of weeks of mourning. I saw lots of dogs, but none of them seemed to be the right fit. Then, at the end of May, a friend called me whose daughter works at the Plano Animal Shelter. She said her daughter thought she had found the perfect dog for me. I went that afternoon. I found her immediately, a beautiful German Shepard/Husky mix with the most gorgeous blue eyes. I adopted her and even though they warned me she had been returned for separation anxiety and destructive behavior, I walked out with her and she was mine. I named her Skye because of her blue eyes. We spent the entire weekend together getting to know/love each other.

That Monday, I went to work, leaving her blocked (or so I thought) in two rooms with hard wood floors in case she had an accident. My neighbor was coming over midday to let her out… then I came home. I pulled up to the front of the house and noticed my wood blinds were hanging funny and many slats were broken. I smiled to myself, thinking well, I hope that’s all she did. But no, when I walked into my house, it was like a scene from CSI. More blinds torn up, the flooring in my utility room pulled up, dents in the door knob, trim ripped off, little accidents in the guest rooms, and that 46lb dog had pulled sheets of steel off of the inside of my front door.

Here’s where Doggie’s Wonderland (DW) comes in. I called and talked to them and they were very knowledgeable about the anxiety situation. They said that the first day was free and I decided to try it. I felt their prices were very reasonable, especially when I thought about ever leaving her in the house alone again! She initially barked at the staff, but quickly got used to them and started giving them affection too. Fast forward two years and Skye is a DW veteran. She goes every Mon. – Fri. and I believe she genuinely loves every person who works there. All of the staff is incredibly wonderful and patient with the dogs. They know all the dogs’ names and their personalities. Skye starts vocalizing as soon as we get near DW. The staff has worked with her on controlling her excitement and following commands. I can’t describe how it feels to have a safe place for her (and my house) knowing that she has the option to play inside or in the yard. I have also boarded her there. DW is clean, fun for the dogs, and a huge relief to me!

I can’t thank DW staff enough for doing all they do for Skye! Y’all are the BEST!!!!!!!

– Plano

K.R. & Skye