On April 9th 2012, I lost my beautiful sweet Sammie to cancer. I went to the Plano Animal Shelter every week after a couple of weeks of mourning. I saw lots of dogs, but none of them seemed to be the right fit. Then, at the end of May, a friend called me whose daughter works at the Plano Animal Shelter. She said her daughter thought she had found the perfect dog for me. I went that afternoon. I found her immediately, a beautiful German Shepard/Husky mix with the most gorgeous blue eyes. I adopted her and even though they warned me she had been returned for separation anxiety and destructive behavior, I walked out with her and she was mine. I named her Skye because of her blue eyes. We spent the entire weekend together getting to know/love each other.

That Monday, I went to work, leaving her blocked (or so I thought) in two rooms with hard wood floors in case she had an accident. My neighbor was coming over midday to let her out… then I came home. I pulled up to the front of the house and noticed my wood blinds were hanging funny and many slats were broken. I smiled to myself, thinking well, I hope that’s all she did. But no, when I walked into my house, it was like a scene from CSI. More blinds torn up, the flooring in my utility room pulled up, dents in the door knob, trim ripped off, little accidents in the guest rooms, and that 46lb dog had pulled sheets of steel off of the inside of my front door.

Here’s where Doggie’s Wonderland (DW) comes in. I called and talked to them and they were very knowledgeable about the anxiety situation. They said that the first day was free and I decided to try it. I felt their prices were very reasonable, especially when I thought about ever leaving her in the house alone again! She initially barked at the staff, but quickly got used to them and started giving them affection too. Fast forward two years and Skye is a DW veteran. She goes every Mon. – Fri. and I believe she genuinely loves every person who works there. All of the staff is incredibly wonderful and patient with the dogs. They know all the dogs’ names and their personalities. Skye starts vocalizing as soon as we get near DW. The staff has worked with her on controlling her excitement and following commands. I can’t describe how it feels to have a safe place for her (and my house) knowing that she has the option to play inside or in the yard. I have also boarded her there. DW is clean, fun for the dogs, and a huge relief to me!

I can’t thank DW staff enough for doing all they do for Skye! Y’all are the BEST!!!!!!!

– Plano

K.R. & Skye

All I know is that when we bring Jarvis in the door he runs straight out to the play area and doesn’t look back. He comes home and pretty much passes out for 12 hours or so. That can only mean he plays hard all day which is what we want him to do! Also, they call him by name when we come in which is impressive since we aren’t there every day or even every week.


A.K. & Jarvis

My 1 year old pup (75 pound lab/cattle dog mix) loves visiting the Wonderland. Driving up one morning he actually leaped out of the car with enthusiasm! I watch him on the remote camera and he is buddying around with other pups, roaming the backyard and generally socializing (which is the chief reason I bring him). The staff is friendly and attentive, the grounds appear tidy and ready for dog action each time we come for a visit.

I highly recommend Doggie’s Wonderland.

– Plano

D.S. & Levi

Our dog Murphy, a very spirited 30# Terrier Mix ,goes to Doggie’s Wonderland every Wednesday. It is just what he needs to break the monotony of staying home by himself all week while we are at work and school. Prior to Doggie’s Wonderland, Murphy would constantly dig out and sometimes he destroyed door jams or window sills in our home. This was even with daily walks!! It was horrible and we didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t live with him and couldn’t live without him. Our vet suggested doggy daycare. We found Doggie’s Wonderland and it truly saved Murphy. He doesn’t dig and destroy now that he has an outlet to play with his canine buddies. He loves it there and gets excited when he jumps in the car each Wednesday morning. He is tired that evening and sleeps soundly. Just what the doctor ordered. A dog that had a great day of exercise and play. The new facility is awesome. Much better than the old. It has a shady outdoor area with lots of trees to hike a leg on, nice indoor area, that is always clean and never smells like dog. They also have excellent bathing/grooming services. If it is a muddy day, the offer rinse offs right as you pick the dog up. Doggie’s Wonderland has our highest regard and we highly recommend. The staff is caring, kind and obviously love dogs. We are thankful to be a part of the Doggie’s Wonderland family.


T.M. & Murphy

Let me preface this by saying that my dogs flip out every time we come here…they can’t wait to run through the gate and leave me in the dust. Hmph. It doesn’t do much for the ego, but I love knowing that the pups really enjoy their time here. When you look at the facts, it’s kinda hard for a dog NOT to fall in love with DW. First of all, every DW dog is screened for aggression and illness (your dog must be up to date on his/her shots to be admitted) which is GREAT cuz who wants to go to a playground riddled with icky germs and mean bullies? All dogs here are grouped by size in supervised areas. Both of my dogs are medium-sized, but they’ve spent time in both the big and small dog areas. As a puppy, Leo was in the small dog area. There’s an indoor play area with a doggie door that leads to an outdoor playground. They’ve also got a kiddie pool for the pups to splash around in in the summer. The big dog area is HUGE. Seriously. There’s a lot to sniff out and pee on, and a lot more room to play chase and fetch. Customer service is professional, efficient, and welcoming. The staff really knows and loves your dogs! When I walk in, the manager in the front already knows to call Leo and Ned. They’re pretty on top of it that way. All in all, DW is wonderful place for your dogs to socialize. It’s done wonders for both of mine. Ned was a grouchy grandpa and Leo was a skittish scaredy cat. Now they’re happy healthy dogs! I guess it’s called Wonderland for a reason!

– Coppell

F.T. Ned & Leo

I was at my wit’s end with my dog. He is high energy and was driving me nuts in my house. Even with walking and playing. So I decided to try out Doggie Wonderland. This place is great!! My dog came home and crashed out. He was happy AND tired. The staff are great, they know the dogs and are clearly animal people. They prescreen every dog (1 free play day) before allowing them to start coming regularly. Boarding, bathing, and day care are all very competitively priced. They even have an option where they will pick you and your dog up and drop you off at the airport when you are going out of town. Talk about service!

– Coppell


If I had a list of my favorite places that I have been throughout the year, this place would top the list.  I took my dog here most days for about 6 months.  Every workday I would drop her off in the morning and the staff was so nice. It was a great routine to begin the day seeing the staff treating my dog with love and kindness.  Also, they seem like very nice people in general. Always pleasant. The yard for the dogs is great.  Plenty of room to run around and other good dogs to run with. My dog was always exhausted after a day of playing here.  No begging for walks when we got home.  She would promptly lie down and take a nap which is fantastic for me after a long work day. I can’t thank everybody there enough for taking such good care of dog.

– Plano

C.C. & Pixel

I have been taking my furkids to Doggie’s Wonderland in Plano for several years now and they are awesome!!  Before I even had a dog I would drive past their facility on my morning commute to work just so I could see the pups having so much fun in the yard.  My five dogs are my children and once I drop them off at daycare I know they are safe and loved until I pick them up.  I can go about my day without having to worry about my babies…they are with our extended family at Doggie’s Wonderland.  Yes they are outside all day, and yes they get muddy when it rains, but they come home happy and exhausted which is all I care about.  Their new location is beautiful!  We love Doggie’s Wonderland!!

– Plano

P.W. & Rennie, Baylor, Katie, Olivia & Tanner

I’ve been taking my silky terrier here for a little over a year and this is, hands down, the best dog daycare/boarding facility in the Plano/Richardson area. It’s the only place I’ve seen that has large outdoor areas and allows the dogs access at all times. They might get a little dirty, but no worse than they would at a dog park or in the back yard. My dog is deaf and therefore has some special needs, and the staff at Doggie’s Wonderland are great with him. He loves being outside and this place allows him to do pretty much whatever he wants. He is also allergic to tick collars and topical treatments, so we don’t use them. The old place did have a lot of ticks, but not the new one. I haven’t seen a single tick on him since I started taking him to the new facility. My dog is always happy and tuckered out when I pick him up. LOVE this place. I can’t recommend it enough!

– Plano

S.D. & Xander

My dog and I love Doggies Wonderland! Charly has been going to DW since it opened at the old location on Alma for boarding as well as play days. Staff is wonderful with him – always as glad to see him as he is to be there. (They don’t wag their tails as much but I can tell from their faces.) The new facility on Independence is great – we really like the open kennels and the fact that he can come in from heat (or cold) during the day whenever he wants. They really know dogs and genuinely care about them. Pleasure to deal with.

– Plano

P.B. & Charly

My once-feral Chow/Shepherd mix now squeals with excitement when we pull up to Doggies Wonderland, and runs to the door with my other dogs. He can’t wait to get in! This experience has helped him become socialized, and he has stopped being destructive at home, now that he has a positive outlet for his energy. He’s leaner and in better shape, too. It feels so good to be able to offer this treat to my dogs once every week or so.

– Coppell